B.F. Ceramics is a craft company that since 1998 produces ceramic objects rigorously painted by hand and for this unique and original.
The accurate processing and even more, the passion makes every “creation crafted” an exclusive work for customers in value over time.
The decoration of our ceramics are made by techniques comply with the oldest traditions ceramics, in particular to the style “Blue White” or “Antico Savona”.
However, we are attentive to the trends of the moment, to follow the tastes “modern” with innovative decorations and your own creation.
Our items can be personalized with your drawings or emblems with the union also architectural elements of your country.
The production includes a wide range of items from gifts to furnishings to accessories for the table.

This site is intended the online sale of products we produce, while the site presents a wide showcase of products, many of which are not intended for sale online.